Alternatives of Briefing

The briefing is a group video chat app that’s used for office & productivity. There are 10 alternatives to Briefings, such as Android or iPhone/iPad apps available on the store; however one of my personal favorites would have to be Discord it’s both free and open source!

Here in this post, you will find the best alternative for briefing and you can use these as alternatives.

Best Alternatives of Briefing



Discord is a VoIP software that allows gamers to connect for gaming purposes. It’s simple to use and relatively lightweight, making it a popular choice for gamers who want to communicate without being bogged down by features.

It also has server support, so gamers can create their private servers for their friends or public use. However, Discord has been in the news recently for some privacy concerns. Users have complained that the software collects too much data and that it’s difficult to delete your account.

As a result, some gamers are starting to look for alternatives to Discord. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most popular VoIP software choices for gamers.


The Element app allows you to communicate securely with your colleagues, clients, or students without any third party getting involved. For a message board session to go smoothly, all participants must be using the same software so they can access each other’s screens simultaneously and share files instantly  just as if their phones had been connected wirelessly!

With its end-to-end, encrypted chats (E2EE) feature, this is possible from anywhere thanks in part to decentralized design which delivers digital sovereignty ensuring on-premise/cloud provider independence too.



Jitsi is an open-source, privacy-focused audio/video and chat communicator that supports many protocols such as SIP XMPP/Jabber ICQ AIM Windows Live Yahoo GTalk Hangouts or OTR ZRTP, etc.

It can handle every firewall with ease providing you have the time to set it up but if not then there are no worries because this software runs on any server without a problem!



Skype was one of the first VoIP software programs on the market and it’s still one of the most popular. Skype allows users to make voice and video calls, as well as chat with each other. It’s simple to use and offers a variety of features, such as screen sharing and group calls.

In recent years, Skype has been overshadowed by newer VoIP software options that offer better security and privacy protections. Nevertheless, it remains a popular choice for many users.


Slack is a popular messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time. One of the key features of Slack is its ability to create channels, which are like virtual chat rooms that can be used for team collaboration or discussion on specific topics.

It also offers several integrations with other productivity apps, making it an essential tool for many businesses and organizations. However,it can also be used for more personal communication, such as keeping in touch with friends or family members.

In addition, Slack has several fun and helpful bots that can make your experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re using Slack for work or play, it’s a great way to stay connected with the people who matter most to you.



In the past, if you wanted to have a conversation with someone who was not in the same room as you, you would either have to write them a letter or pick up the phone. However, with the advent of Zoom, you can now talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, without even having to leave your house. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

It is a video conferencing app that allows users to connect in real-time. You can see the person you are talking to, and they can see you. This makes it feel like you are in the same room, even if you are miles apart.

Zoom is also very convenient because it can be used on any device, whether it is a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Whether you are catching up with an old friend or having a business meeting, Zoom is the perfect way to stay connected.

7-Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an all-inclusive chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates your team’s people, content, and tools for increased engagement. You can find everything from meetings to files within the app which will make it easier than ever before so you never miss out on anything!


  1. With file editing and sharing on the go, you can easily handle your team’s tasks.
  2. Connect via a wide-area network and conduct meetings from almost any place with HD audio and video.
  3. In addition to this, you may chat privately in targeted groups or interact with the entire team on dedicated channels.
  4. To gain your coworkers’ attention, mention individuals or the entire team all at once.
  5. You can save any important conversations and create your notification patterns.
  6. To quickly locate what you need, search your chats and team discussions
  7. Along with the rest of the Office 365 suite, get enterprise-level security and compliance.

8-Google Meet


Google Meet is the perfect meeting tool for teams, allowing you to seamlessly join a video call with your coworkers or clients using just their browser. You can share files and sync presentations between everyone in real-time so they’re always up-to-date!


  1. Video and audio meetings with up to 250 participants in high definition
  2. Google speech-to-text language technology is used to provide real-time captions.
  3. In addition to all of these advantages, you’ll have a chatroom for free based on your Facebook group! If a user clicks the link and joins, it takes just one click from a desktop or mobile device.
  4. To any meeting for team members who wish to dial in from anywhere, simply provide the international dial-in numbers.
  5. Integration with Calendar for seamless scheduling and access to meeting details and calendar attachments from your Meet video chat



Talk to anyone on an iDevice or Mac over Wi-Fi, and you can catch up, and hang out with them without ever having to leave your house.

With FaceTime, there’s no need for phone bills to run high because all of these interactions happen through video chat so it’s easy as clicking one button!


  • High-quality video calls between two people or a group of up to 32 people
  • You can use your iDevice’s front or rear camera, or even switch back and forth during a call.
  • Every participant appears in a tile that gets bigger when someone is talking, so you never lose track of the conversation.
  • As long as you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, FaceTime calls will be clear and uninterrupted.
  • You can use Siri to start a FaceTime call, just say “FaceTime with John.”

10-Google duo


Google Duo is a video chat app that allows you to connect with your loved ones no matter where they are. You can have one-on-one conversations or group chats with up to 12 people. The app is designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can focus on your conversation.


  • Video and audio calls with up to 12 people
  • High-quality video calling
  • Easy to use interface
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