How to Use Anime App Icons on Android and iOS: A Guide

Here you will get Anime App Icons on Android and iOS as Anime has long been a part of popular culture. One Piece, Fairy Tale, and Hunter X Hunter are just a few of the best series that have captivated the world. It’s no surprise that some individuals combine their interests with their favorite characters to create anime app icons.

Customizing your Android device with launcher apps is one of the few methods available to do so. However, if you don’t want to give up the beauty of your default launcher, anime app icons are the way to go. If done correctly, it will give your phone its own personality. So if you’re wondering how to make customized app icons,

What Is an App Icon?

Icons are visual representations of a mobile app. They’re images that allow users to identify your app. These icons are employed to launch the application and are generally located on a smartphone’s home screen, where other pre-installed and downloaded apps typically appear.

The ability to customize our home screens using widgets and app icons has been made possible by the iOS 14 release. It’s also worth noting that you won’t be completely replacing the default program logo. What you’ll actually do is hide the original app on your phone and then launch it with a widget command.

How do you design your own app icon, and how do you create unique anime app icons? Continue reading to discover the step-by-step instructions for Android and iOS devices.

Download Anime App Icons for Free

In certain situations, some of us are just not good with design. That is fine in and of itself. However, we are here to provide some suggestions for downloading pre-made graphics to utilize when you wish to remodel your homescreens with anime app icons.

How to Use Anime App Icons on Android and iOS

For Android Phone

The majority of the icon changers applications for Android on this list operate in a similar way. To illustrate how to modify the appearance of your Android phone, we’re using the Ume Icon Changer. Here’s how to do it.

  • Launch X Icon Changer.
  • When you first open the app, by default it will ask you to choose which program to replace the icon for.
  • After you’ve picked an app, the first set of options will ask you to select the icon’s shape. Select one that is most appropriate.
  • The second set of alternatives will allow you to select a new app icon from the app’s library or your phone’s library. Choose which is more appropriate.
  • Tap OK after you’ve chosen the anime app icon.
  • Confirm that the app’s icon is an anime icon of the anime character.
  • Repeat the procedure for the remainder of your home screen applications.

For iOS

The Shortcuts app was launched at the same time as iOS 14. This application allows you to build shortcuts for apps and speed up your daily activities. It’s also enjoyable because you get to design the app icon yourself. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Go to your Applications folder and open the Shortcuts app.

2. To start a new shortcut, tap the + icon. Select for applications and address bar from the drop-down menu.

3. On the search bar, type Open App and choose the result that best matches it.

4. Finally, choose the program to be opened by this shortcut command.

5. Select More Options

6. To add a shortcut to your home screen, name it and then tap Add to Home Screen.

7. Then, once again, type the name of the Shortcut.

8. Select the first option, then tap the button beside the name of the shortcut. This will ask you to select an app icon to go with the shortcut command.

Here is video for anime app icons :

YouTube video

Anime app icons:

Anime Snapchat icons

Anime Snapchat Icon

Naruto snapchat icon

Edward Elric Icon

Edward elric icon

Goku Snapchat Icon

Goku snapchat icon

Sanji Snapchat Icon

sanji snapchat icon

Zenitsu Snapchat Icon

Zenitsu snapchat icon

Youtube anime icons

Gaara Youtube Icon

gaara youtube icon

Erza Scarlet Youtube Icon

Erza Scarlet youtube icon

Shanks Youtube Icon

Shanks youtube icon

Soma Youtube Icon

Soma youtube icon

Hisoka Youtube Icon

Hisoka youtube icon

Facebook anime icons

Jellal Facebook Icon

Jellal facebook icon

Vegeta Facebook Icon

Vegeta facebook icon

Bulma Facebook Icon

Bulma facebook icon

Kuroko Facebook Icon

kuroko facebook icon

Grimmjow Facebook Icon

grimmjow facebook icon

Instagram anime icons

Kakashi Instagram Icon

kakashi instagram icon

Luffy Instagram Icon

Luffy Instagram icon

Natsu Instagram Icon

Natsu Instagram icon

Saitama Instagram Icon

Saitama Instagram icon

Kirishima Instagram Icon

Kirishima instagram icon

Pinterest anime icons

Asta Pinterest Icon

Asta pinterest icon

Anime Pinterest Icon

Anime pinterest icon

Anime Pinterest Icon

Anime pinterest icon

Anime Pinterest Icon

Anime pinterest icon

One Piece Pinterest Icon

One piece pinterest icon

Crunchyroll anime app icons

Haikyuu Crunchyroll Icon

Haikyuu crunchyroll icon

Naruto Crunchyroll Icon

Naruto crunchyroll icon

Ace Crunchyroll Icon

Ace crunchyroll icon

Naruto Crunchyroll Icon

Naruto crunchyroll icon

Hinata Crunchyroll Icon

Hinata crunchyroll icon

Twitter anime app icons

Bleach Twitter Icons

Bleach twitter icons

Killua Twitter Icon

Killua twitter icon

Luffy Twitter Icon

Luffy twitter icon

Ban Twitter Icon

Ban twitter icon

One Piece Twitte Icon

One piece twitte icon

Spotify anime app icons

Deku Spotify Icon

Deku spotify icon

Jiro Spotify Icon

Jiro spotify icon

Broock Spotify Icon

Broock spotify icon

Deku Spotify Icon

Deku spotify icon

Gon Spotify Icon

Gon spotify icon

Messenger anime icons

Dabi Messenger Icon

Dabi messenger icon

Dragon Ball App Icon

Dragon Ball app icon

Sasuke App Icon

Sasuke app icon

Dragon Ball App Icon

Dragon ball app icon

Hisoka App Icon

Hisoka app icon

Netflix anime icon

Itachi App Icon

itachi app icon

Kirishima App Icon

Kirishima app icon

Kakashi App Icon

Kakashi app icon

Todoroki App Icon

Todoroki app icon

Kakashi Netflix Icon

Kakashi netflix icon
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Thats all for today if you have any issues on anime app icons let us know !

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