How to Apply for Share (IPO) Online Using Mero Share?

About Meroshare:

Mero Share is a software developed by the Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd (CDSC) that provides the facility of share transactions with the Demat account to the beneficiary. You can access the portal of CDSC Mero Share from their website or you can also use the mobile app that has recently,without delay let’s begin the tutorial on Apply for Share (IPO) Online Using Mero Share?

Using Meroshare allows you to fillup IPO(Initial Public Offering)without going to bank.Meroshare is an application which allows  the facility to the beneficiary to view the share transaction in Nrs 50 per year.

Meroshare login page,how to apply share in nepal,how to apply share using meorshare

Meroshare login page


  • A bank account
  • A Demat account
  • Meroshare account for online trading
  • CRN Number

Now’s the time to find out how you can apply for an IPO. You can do this both online and offline, but I will provide instructions on these in brief below.

IPOs are applied through your bank which provides ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount). This is where funds from your account are blocked when applying for a new share allotment; only after being accepted does it release those same resources back into your account without any loss of equity value or transaction fees but nowadays some banks charges fee for applying ipo.

Bank Account:

Now that you know about ASBA, open a bank account with one of the many commercial and development banks to invest in IPOs. Developing your savings into shares is easier than ever before because most major banks offer this service! It’s also wise to create an additional Demat Account at the same time so all your investments are under one roof.

Demat Account:

Demat accounts are a type of account that can hold stocks or securities in electronic form. Demats allow investors to trade on the same terms as they would if their holdings were physical, which is quite useful for people who live far from where all the business happen.

But you must have an account with a Depository Participant before investing anywhere! Most banks offer these services and I recommend getting one through your bank’s capital so there will be no middleman fees involved.

Getting CRN Number from your bank:

It’s time to get your money in the game! This article will help you know what exactly is IPOs and how one can go about applying for them.
One of my biggest goals as a young adult was always being able to buy property or at least invest in something that would give me financial security, but I didn’t have many options due to not having enough funds on hand. Fortunately, there are now other ways such as investing through IPO which allow us all an opportunity make our dreams come true sooner rather than later with minimal risk involved- if any whatsoever.

How to apply Share (IPO) online in Nepal using Mero Share?

Here are few procedures so You don’t need to worry if you don’t know the process of applying for shares. Here we will discuss the full procedure of opening a Mero Share account and applying for shares in nepal and how to use mero share application.

If you wish to apply share using android then you can follow these steps:

  • Download meroshare app from play store or download it from below
[appbox googleplay screenshots]

How to open the MeroShare account?

You can easily open a Mero Share account by simply follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First, you have to create a Demat account. For this, you need to visit the nearest bank, broker or any capitals that are authorized to provide this service. Depository participants (DP)  It is much easier for you, if you go to the bank where you have your account to get this service.
  • To create a Demat account, you need a citizenship certificate, PP size photo, identification document, bank account number, and 3 generations of your family.
  • You will normally get your Demat account in 2 to 3 days after you fill the form.
  • After creating a Demat account, you need a C-ASBA Registration number also known as CRN number which you can get by applying a form for the CRN number in the bank where you have made your Demat account. You will get a CRN number in a few days after they process your form.
  • Usually, you get your CRN number on the other day of application. Some banks also offer e-banking to get CRN numbers online from their website. So please confirm this for your bank whether they have this feature or not.
  • Now, apply for the Mero Share account. You need to fill a form with your email ID, contact number along with Client ID and DPID. You will have to pay Rs 50 per year to use this service. You will get your Mero Share account username and password in your email after verifying your information.

How to apply for Share using Mero Share?

You may have heard of apply share but you don’t know how to do exactly then here are few methods which will allow you to apply for Shares without rejection.

  • You can apply for IPO / FPO / right share listed in the Mero Share. For this, you need to go to the My ASBA tab and click on the Apply for issue. 
    applyshare in nepal,how to buy share in nepal

    Apply for share IPO

  • Then select the share you want to apply. Now, put the number of shares, your bank name and the CRN number. After this, click on proceed. [Its debenture remeber you can apply shares according to your analysis,you can apply for ordinary shares instead of this too]
How to Apply For an IPO of Company Shares in Nepal

Company offering IPO

  • After that, you need to enter the 4 digit Transaction PIN code that you have set while logging it for the first time. Enter your Transaction PIN code and click on confirm.
  • It will take a few days to verify your application. Once your application is verified, you will be eligible for that share. 
    how to open mero share account

    Verified IPO in Meroshare

And if you wish to apply IPO then you need to visit meroshare’s Url which is given below you can visit and select  Depository Participants which means you need to select your bank from where you filled up demat account or broker’s account select that afterthat enter username and password then follow the above steps exactly.

How to change the MeroShare password?

There are many people who forget their password for the Mero Share account. So, you should have knowledge to change or reset your Mero Share password anyway in this blog we will teach you what to do if you forget the password . Follow the following instructions to change the password if you have forgot it.

  • Visit the bank where you have created your Demat account and apply the form for the password change. Some banks might also charge Rs 25 for this service. You will get an email for the password reset in a few days. You can also get email in the spam folder so don’t forget to check there.
  • If you also do not get the email in the spam folder then try to contact them and ask for the password change immediately. Then log in with the provided password and you will be asked to change your password.
  • You can also try requesting for the password change with an email to [email protected] with your login details along with BOID (most of the time this process is not successful).

If you want to change your current password then:

  • Go to the Mero Share profile.
Change password in meroshare

Change password in meroshare

  • Click on the Change password tab.
how to change password in meroshare

Change Password

  • Enter your old and new password.
How to change the MeroShare password?

change the Mero share password,

  • Your password will be changed.

How to change Change the Transaction PIN code of your MeroShare account?

Follow the following instructions to change your transaction PIN code.

  • First, login to your Mero Share account.
  • Go to your Mero Share profile.
  • Find and click on the Change Transaction PIN tab.
Change the Transaction PIN code of your MeroShare account

change the Mero Share Transaction PIN

  • Enter your current password and new transaction PIN and confirm it.
  • Your PIN code will successfully change

FAQ on Meroshare:

How can I buy shares from primary market in Nepal?

You need to open demat account know the level of market and participate in primary as well as secondary market open trading account then buy shares.

How can I apply online IPO?

We already have enlisted ways from step to step on applying online ipo in nepal you can follow those steps.

How can I open Mero share in Nepal?

You need demat account,crn number as well as username and password from there you will be able to open meroshare in nepal.

Summary :

So,these are the steps which will help you to fill up IPO shares in nepal as well as they will help you to forget the transcation pin as well as fix the forgot password if you have any issue then let us know we will try to give all the necessary information related to your questions its me roshan signing off bye !😄

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