Best Chess Rush Combo -Season 15

Here in this post you will get best chess rush combo list using these you can improve your gameplay and become pro in this game so,without delay lets begin.

Chess rush is one of the auto battle game which allows you to use various characters and use combos with them but players gets confused and are unable to utilize full power and if you want to increase more knowledge then you need to use these tips and for that we present chess rush best heroes,combos as well as Chess Rush Tier List  that you can use them to get more xp and improvement in the game.

If you know about the heroes and combos then you can easily win the game with extra profit so follow these:

Top 1: 6 Elf + 6 Punisher:

6 Elf + 6 Punisher



Elf are able to dodge effects to new allies as they have chance to lease the enemies when the elves attack those enemies.


They are able to increase the number of attack and increase damage.They are effective melee heroes as they have high dps and triple their attack from the combo which provides little burst to dps.


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Top 2: 6 Elf + 6 Assassin

 6 Elf + 6 Assassin



As discussed earlier they can move their effect to their mates and they have chance to lease the enemies when they attack those enemies


They can use their power to become invisible at the beginning of the battle depending upon the number of allies and after using their special power they can attack with full power and once they use and critical hit they will lose their invisibility.

They attack from back so you can utilize accordingly.

Video Guide:

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Top 3: 6 Eastern + 6 Hunter

6 Eastern + 6 Hunter



Eastern grants its own Race ashield.


The goal of the hunter is to deal damage while remaining elusive. They have a chance at increasing their attack speed for each unique hero on board who also happens be one that can hunt down prey, such as ranged DPS characters or healers like cleric types found in some games’ mythologies themselves!

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Top 4: 10 Sorcerer 4 Human

10 Sorcerer 4 Human



The sorcerer is a type of magic-using units that can be hired for the multiplayer mode. They have an ability power dependent upon how many unique sorcerers are on your board; this makes them reliant upon their skills to deal damage rather than just relying solely out pure strength like other classes would do in single player or versus AI gameplay where there isn’t any competition from another person playing as well (although you still need strategy!).

The reason I say “fragile” though? Well due primarily because these guys use up quite bit so when facing high defense enemies expect low health points backchatting all over yourself trying avoid getting hit.


Humans can heal all team members’ Mana every second.

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Top 5: 4 Olympian + 3 Sorcerer:

4 Olympian + 3 Sorcerer:




The most powerful of all classes, sorcerers deal huge amounts magic damage depending on the number and type (unique) units they have.

They also rely heavily upon their abilities for this inflicted pain- mostly through high burst levels that can easily wipe out entire screens or even teams if used correctly!

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Top 6: 4 Protector + 3 Warrior + 3 Sorcerer

4 Protector + 3 Warrior + 3 Sorcerer



Tank protectors are a great way to give your ally tanks some extra muscle and keep them from taking all of the damage.

The protector will redirect any attacks that would be aimed at you, so it’s best used when teamed up with other allies nearby!

Protectors are perfect front lines, they can withstand lots of damage and their combo provides a shield which helps distract enemies from attacking your allies while increasing their survivability.


Warriors are tough, but they have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. If you’re able to take down aunit or two before it has time heal then your opponent may not even need his own unit capabilities in order for victory!

Heroes who love to get up-close and personal are called warriors. They have a high damage output, but they’re also heavily depended on their combo for protection because it provides them with armor that can withstand any attack in the game!


The number of unique units on the board determines how powerful a Sorcerer can be.

Sorcerers are a class that relies on their ability for damage. They have high burst potential but can be fragile and take some time to cast all of these spells in one go, so it’s important not only to know how much you’ll get out of them before casting (a lot!).

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Top 7: 3 Warrior + 4 Rider

3 Warrior + 4 Rider



The amount of unique warrior units on the field determines how much additional armor is available.

As front liners, Warriors are melee heroes that can boost their survivability by combining attacks.


When you bring out a group of riders, they can provide some useful benefits for your hero. If the rider is near an ally who has taken damage recently then their armor will absorb it in order to protect against more attacks from behind while also strengthening up front where there are vulnerabilities on display!

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