7 Best Ikea Desks for Gaming [Compared By Design And Storage Space]

Ikea is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known furniture companies on the planet. It has hundreds of production facilities around the world as well as retail locations to purchase from. However, while it sells a variety of general furnishings, it isn’t particularly recognized for its computer or gaming units.

We didn’t like it, so we set out to find the finest Ikea gaming desk. And what did we discover? It was nothing short of fantastic.

The Bekant desk is the greatest Ikea gaming desk. It has a large desktop and height flexibility for ultimate sitting and standing ergonomics. Fredde and Linnmon are two of Ikea’s most popular gaming workstations.The goal of this essay is to help you choose the finest Ikea desk for gaming in your home. nBecause each user is different, almost all of these desks produced by the Swedish firm are individual.

Best Ikea Desk for Gaming

Here are the list of best ikea desk for gaming whether it is pubg or fortnite keep your monitors together and stream and enjoy:

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Best Ikea Desks For Gaming

1. Ikea Alex Computer Desk

Ikea Alex Computer Desk

The Alex Computer Desk from Ikea is a fantastic desk for no-cable people. It’s what you’ll get if you purchase the Alex Computer Desk from Ikea.

The design and aesthetics of this fan are fantastic, with a thin yet durable construction that stands out. With a finished rear, you can place it in any location in the house. It will look great in any area where you put it – providing an abundance of decorating possibilities.

Another new feature is the drawer-stop mechanism. The built-in stops will ensure that the two drawers operate only when necessary, preventing them from falling or breaking.

The lumbar pillows arrive at a 50.5-inch width, 23.85-inch depth, and 29.875-inch height – this is an excellent size for tiny and medium-sized rooms.It’s got a cable management system, just as I said it would. It has a concealed back pocket with a small window that allows you to pass the cables through and have better organization.

Walking away from your computer at the end of the day should be as easy by walking up to it. We’ve compiled a list of must-have features for every workspace, and whether you’re looking for something sleek or rustic, classic or contemporary, we’ve got it covered.

  • Overall, the structure is sturdy and dependable.
  • The finished back gives you lots of options for where to put it
  • The practical cable-management system keeps things tidy.
  • It might take longer than you anticipated to install.
  • Surface is easily scratched.

2. Ikea Bekant

Ikea Bekant

Gaming desks from IKEA are often not created just for gaming. Rather, it’s designed as a versatile computer workstation. The Ikea Bekant is one such desk, which has gained a lot of popularity lately.

The Bekant Ikea gaming desk is available in white, black, and blue. The basic Bekant measures 62 inches long by 31 inches wide. This gaming desk is also available in different sizes and in a L-shaped desktop model.

The ability to change the height is the most significant feature of this finest Ikea desk. From a minimum of 25 inches to a maximum of 33 inches, the desk may be used for a wide range of new games sitting and standing.

Although this desk is not the most sturdy Ikea height adjustable desk, it certainly has its advantages. The biggest disadvantage is that it isn’t the most stable. However, for a few monitors, a gaming laptop, and a gaming keyboard, it’s quite robust.

  • You may also pick your own colors and sizes.
  • One of the most cost-effective standing desks
  • Ikea’s Quick Fix instructions are printed in English and easy to understand
  • To make the desktop, you’ll need a bradawl for the desk’s assembly holes.

3.IKEA 802.130.74 MICKE Desk, White

Ikea 802.130.74 Micke Desk, White

The Linnmon series from Ikea is one of the most widely used alternatives on the market. It’s no surprise, either.

This is a fantastic design with a lot of applications. It’s the gaming performance that shines, though.It offers a large enough top space so you can place up to two monitors without problems. With 60 inches of total length when combined with 30 inches in width, it is ideal for those who need to place tons of things over.

The extensive walls and thick posts give the frame a lot of strength. It can hold over a ton of weight, thanks to its sturdy fiber board construction and wood fillings.

The desk is also very simple to assemble. It has pre-drilled leg holes, screws, and a flexible system for leveling it on uneven surfaces, making installation a breeze.

Finally, it has a beautiful appearance and is simple to combine with any style of décor. If you aren’t the most exacting user and just want something basic, this is the desk for you.

  • For durability, the quality of construction is excellent.
  • Spacious and useful for added positioning.
  • It’s simple to install.
  • With a lot of stuff, it gets loose.
  • It’s difficult to find a cable management method that isn’t inconvenient.

4.Ikea Fredde

Ikea Fredde

In the end, it’s a must that you include Fredde as well. One of the best Ikea gaming desks is one with a small gaming desk. Some gamers like to have a cup of tea on hand while playing. A cup of coffee might also come in handy while playing late into the night. With cup holders, Fredde is the only Ikea computer desk available.

They also have a lot of storage choices, with up to ten levels available. Even if they appear compact, you can use these best Ikea gaming desks with up to four displays, external speakers, and headphone storage.Your computer may also be set higher off the ground, making it easier to clean beneath the desk for a comfortable gaming station.

This may be the ideal setup for you if you have gaming figurines and other artwork to showcase, as it features six storage shelves.

  • Gaming accessories may be kept in here.
  • For gaming monitors up to 32”
  • Reduce monitor glare by adding additional lateral panels.
  • It takes around 2 hours to put together.

5.IKEA Micke Computer Desk

Ikea Micke Computer Desk

The Micke series is another excellent Ikea option. It’s one of the neatest yet most basic looks you can find, which makes it ideal for combining with a wide range of room decorations.

It’s entirely constructed of wood, so you may enjoy outstanding durability and lightness while doing it.It also stands out for its overall size, which offers 19.75 inches of depth, 56 inches of length, and 24 inches of height. You may have a top that is extremely spacious and allows for two monitors.

It’s also worth mentioning that the assembly is not difficult at all. Despite the fact that it has two drawers for additional storage, you can put this desk together in a matter of minutes.

The instructions are simple, so you won’t have to waste any time on it. Another interesting feature is the completed back, which you may place in any location in a room for great looks.

You’ll also receive a cable management system. You may simply pass the wires through a hole to cabinet-like storage. This will prevent messy cables and provide more organization.

  • Convenience is enhanced by the layout and size of the area.
  • Extra drawers with cable management for added storage.
  • The back is made of wood, which gives the stool a clean appearance. A beautiful finish on the back makes it appealing.
  • The low height is due to the inconvenient drawer placement.
  • The edges of cups and plates will wear down with time.

6. Ikea Computer Table with Drawers

Ikea Computer Table With Drawers

There’s nothing more practical than a computer desk with storage drawers. The ability to keep your most valued and necessary things close by is simply amazing. And that’s what you get with this one.

You’ll like this TV stand with doors for its numerous features, including a sturdy construction made of fiberboard, particleboard, and paper filling. You’ll also get an excellent set of adjustable feet so you can use it on uneven surfaces.

The desk’s lengthy top, which measures 47 1/4 inches in length, 23 5/8 inches in width, and 8 3/4 inches in height, is another appealing aspect. This desk would be an excellent choice if you’re searching for added convenience.

It does, however, look quite nice, especially given its completed back. And with its simple installation, it may be used anywhere and set up in minutes.If you’re searching for a really useful desk, this multi-functional one with drawers won’t disappoint.

  • This is a really nice set of drawers for keeping things organized.
  • The top is spacious and provides enough height for comfort.
  • With a sturdy, well-made design and simple set-up, this fireplace adds beauty to any room.
  • It does not have cable management features.
  • Extremely costly

7.IKEA Micke Computer Desk

Ikea Micke Computer Desk

The Micke series is another great option from IKEA. It has one of the simplest yet most attractive designs, making it ideal for combining with a variety of décor items.

The legs are entirely constructed of wood, as seen in the photo above, allowing for excellent durability and lightness. However, in terms of overall size, it stands out for its 19.75-inch depth, 56-inch length, and 24-inch height. You may have a really broad top that accommodates two computer displays.

Furthermore, the assembly process is quick. Despite the fact that this desk has two drawers for extra storage, it may be set up in minutes.The instructions are simple, so you won’t have to waste any time on it.

Finally, the finished back is another attractive element. It may be utilized in any part of the room to produce great looks. Last but not least, you get a cable management system. You can simply pass the cables through a hole to cabinet-like storage. This will aid in the tidy segregation of wires and enhance organization.

  • For convenience, this is an excellent location and design.
  • Drawers with cable management are available as an option.
  • Sturdy and stylish, with a polished back design
  • The low height is due to the inconvenient drawer position.
  • Chipboard edges tend to wear down with time.

How to choose the best Ikea desks for gaming

The size, storage capacity, and appearance of your gaming desk are all significant factors. You won’t pay as much as you would with other gaming desks from Ikea, but there are a few things to think about.

  • Size

What size do you require for your workstation? The sizes of the following top Ikea gaming desks are listed below.

  • Ikea Bekant – 160 x 180cm
  • Ikea Fredde – 185 x 74 x 146cm
  • Ikea Linnmon table – 100 x 60cm
  • Ikea Linnmon computer table – 120 x 60cm
  • Ikea Alex – 51 5/8 x 23 5/8
  • Ikea Micke with 2 drawers – 142 x 50cm
  • Ikea Micke with 1 drawer – 73 x 50cm


  • Storage space

You’ll need ample storage space with an Ikea gaming set up. This is especially true if you’re looking for overall flexibility and keeping your tour game area tidy. You may always purchase shelves and other Ikea drawer units for gaming in theory. However, it’s better to have them prepared ahead of time if you’re paying a gaming desk price.

  • Assembly

Even the finest Ikea computer desk requires some assembly work. The Swedish company’s instructions are primarily pictorial. However, because these desks are all delivered in inboxes, you should anticipate an average of around 30 minutes to assemble them.

Final words

Ikea desk gaming may challenge preconceptions about what a perfect setup is. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t have the time to research all sorts of tiny furniture makers, it might be a time-saving option for many gamers.

Ikea makes it simple to acquire a computer desk. It’s available in stores or through online ordering. An Ikea computer gaming workstation is delivered in cardboard boxes and must be put together according to instructions. If you’re waiting for your purchase to arrive, you may download the assembly instructions online.

Take the time to go through these, as there are many instances where gamers spent hours putting together their builds. A computer desk from Ikea is simple to put together if you have a solid understanding of what you’re doing.


Are Ikea desks good for gaming?

A computer gaming desk from Ikea may be used for gaming. These desks are adaptable, inexpensive, and simple to put together as long as there is enough room for your Gaming PC or gaming laptop.

Is Ikea Linnmon good?

Linnmon is a popular choice among Ikea gaming desk DIY projects. This demonstrates its adaptability and popularity among gamers. All Ikea computer workstations come with step-by-step instructions, which will undoubtedly save time during installation.

How big is Ikea Linnmon?

There are numerous Ikea Linnmon options to choose from. Our favorite size is 100 x 60cm.

How do you connect 2 Ikea tables?

You may join two Ikea tables together with legs or drawer units from IKEA. They’re available for individuals who enjoy doing things themselves.

What is an Ikea desk made of?

Ikea’s desk components are largely composed of engineered wood. The materials used in IKEA desks are not true wood. This is also why the products cost less than others.


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