[ Answer]Brain Test Level 83,Please stop this fight

The Brain Test is a brain teaser game that is both addicting and entertaining. You will undoubtedly stretch your brain in order to pass level by level with puzzles that defy common sense. To improve your IQ, crack the levels, and solve the quiz, shift your thinking. However, if you get stumped, scroll down to see the Brain Test Level 83 answer, Please stop this fight.

About braintest:

Brain Test is an addicting free difficult puzzle game with a variety of perplexing brain teasers. Different riddles will put your intellect to the test. This fascinating new brain-pushing experience might break conventional logic! With this entertaining and amusing free IQ game, you may have fun with your friends. Prepare to take the exam!

The Brain Test is a challenging brainteaser that asks you to think outside the box. As a result, the game provides a unique puzzle experience that may be both entertaining and difficult. You may play Brain Test alone in your bedroom, but it’s often greater when done with others, such as friends or family.

The Brain Test is a free, addictive hard puzzle game with a variety of brain teasers. Your mind will be challenged by various riddles and tricky tests. This fresh puzzle game may challenge conventional thinking and provide you with an innovative new brain-pushing experience! You can play this fun and entertaining free IQ game with your friends.

If you like word games, word search games, puzzles, sudoku puzzles, riddle games, or any other quiz game, Brain Test is the ideal app for you! Is much more amusing than regular idiotic test.

Answer for braintest level 81

solution for Brain Test Level 83 Answer :

Brain Test Level 83 Answer

Answer: Break The Cookie In Two Pieces By Using Two Fingers And The Fight Will Stop.

detailed easy walkthrough in this video :

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