Brain Test Level 90 Please turn on all the lights Answer

The Brain Test mobile game is a brain teaser app. We’re sharing answers for Brain Test, which has hundreds of levels and has been downloaded by millions of people. This is a challenging game in some areas, and you may get stuck on Level 90 so,here will be answer for braintest level 90 answer.

Playing Brain Test puzzles is one of the most effective methods to fill your free time and alleviate boredom. Brain Test provides a variety of challenging problems that will challenge your brain. Each level has its own solution, and you are given hints and clues to solve it in each level.

Because nearly all of the questions are not supposed to be answered in the same way, you’ll have to think outside the box. The game also includes a function that can aid in text interpretation. We’re here if you still don’t know how to finish the level.

Answer for Brain Test Level 90

You need to tap on all buttons then two of them will glow now replace other one our of screen then all bulbs will be on

Full solution guide for brain test level 90:

This quiz says “turn on all lights” so it has something to do with light so I tried to turn on all lights but its all vain but I did this which helped me to glow all the lights.

I hope you have got a solution for Brain Test Level 90.

Braintest Level 90 Answer

Step 1: drag one bulb to corner of screen then hide the bulb

Braintest Level 90 Solution

step 2:after that you will be able to turn on the remaining bulb.

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