The Burning Crusade Respec Cost : Ce que vous devez savoir

The Burning Crusade comporte quelques moments de nostalgie. As well as nostalgia for the first expansion of World of Warcraft, players also recall how hard and time-consuming it was to complete all of the instanced dungeons.

Il n’y a rien de déroutant dans la fonction Respec de ce jeu ! Vous ouvrez un menu Respec et sélectionnez le personnage auquel vous voulez réaffecter des points de compétence.

Vous devez ensuite sélectionner les compétences que vous souhaitez réaffecter et celles pour lesquelles vous souhaitez attribuer des points. Une fois que vous avez terminé, vous avez terminé !

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Combien coûte la Respec dans TBC ?

The Burning Crusade , Coût Du Respec Dans Tbc

TBC Respec coûte 1 or (g) la première fois qu’il est désappris, puis il coûte 5g chaque fois que vous respectez les talents. Ainsi, si vous avez 2 talents désappris, il vous en coûtera 10g pour les respécialiser, et ainsi de suite.

The price will stay the same for a month once you reach 50g. The cost of respecing in TBC is relatively low because players can farm gold easily. Unlearning will be 5g cheaper every month until it reaches 10g.

There’s no way of telling which build is cheapest to level, but TBC respec cost is not constant. It’s cheaper to level later in the game, and at max level, it’s cheaper than it used to be.

How to respec in TBC?

Max-level players looking to change their class specialization must go elsewhere in The Burning Crusade. Shattrath City does not have a single class trainer, meaning players cannot respec their characters there.

For Alliance Shamans, a trip back to Exodar, Stormwind, or Ironforge is to find the necessary trainers. Horde Paladins, meanwhile, will need to set a course for Silvermoon City, Orgrimmar, or the Undercity to mark their maps with the locations of the NPCs they need to speak to. Whether you’re looking to respec your Shaman or Paladin, plan your journey carefully!

How much does classic respec cost?

In classic WoW, unlearning your talent was costly as the price would increase by 50g each time. Changing up your build was prohibitively expensive, no matter how often you had done it. But, if you wanted to experiment with different builds, you had to be prepared to pay the price.

In Classic WoW,players were getting a raw deal regarding respeccing and resetting talent points because their gold balance was stuck at 50g and couldn’t be reduced.

Blizzard should introduce Dual Specs into TBC to make things easier, so players don’t have to worry about resetting their talents whenever they want to switch up their play style.

What are Dual Specs?

Dual Specs was a game-changing feature introduced in Wrath of the Lich King – no more having to visit a trainer and paying out the nose to switch up your spec!

With it, you can have two different specs on one character and switch between them with just the click of a button. Take advantage of this awesome feature and get the most out of your character!

If the Dual Specs feature is implemented in TBC, it will be a huge blessing to our community! May the Blizzard gods grant this holy grail of gaming freedom and customization.

What are the benefits of Dual Specs in TBC?

The Dual Specs feature gives players the convenience of having two sets of gear to upgrade and two specializations to choose from without having to respec every time they head into PvP or a raid.

As a result, players can spend less time staring at the LFG channel and more time enjoying the game. With Dual Specs, players can maximize their potential and get the most out of their gaming experience.

Won’t Dual Specs make the game imbalanced?

Raids can be tricky, and allowing players to switch specs in the middle of the raid would be a logistical nightmare.

We recommend disabling Dual Specs before raids to prevent the hassle of respecing multiple times per week. This will not only help balance out the game but will also allow players to work towards something new.


As a result, The Burning Crusade is an excellent expansion for World of Warcraft that will always hold a special place in players’ hearts.

Its deep and exciting storyline and original and intuitive Respec feature make it easy to see why it is so popular with many players.

If you are looking for a way to relive the golden days of World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade is a fantastic option.

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