Hogwarts Mystery Free Energy Locations

Hogwarts is an energy-consuming place. You’ll use up 1 point of it every 4 minutes by default, but if you’re willing to spend some time exploring the game’s content and taking part in activities that give out more than what’s given automatically (like studying), then go for it!

Some locations offer free bonuses on occasion – they last about 8 hours each so don’t wait too long before grabbing one when available or else risk running dry without knowing until after starting another questline where this happens again.

East Towers

1) Picture Frame – The Charms Classroom is located immediately behind the loading area before it. If energy is accessible, the picture frame will be blank.

Picture Frame

2) Peeves – To the left of the Divination Classroom ladder, past the Astronomy Tower, and below a huge rusted knife. Peeves will vanish if you click on him.

West Towers

West Towers

3) Painting – In front of the Gryffindor House common room, just before the Prefects’ Bathroom

Lower Floor – West

4) Wall Torch – On the left side of the Great Hall, click on the torch to light it.

5) Knight – There will be three suits of armor in the next chamber, and one of them will provide a bonus energy boost when tapped.

Lower Floor


6) House Elf – There is a short passage just outside the kitchens hallway. Click the elf to send it back to work.

House Elf

Castle Grounds

7) Stick – There is a stick on the ground to the right of the Whomping Willow that, when clicked, will be chased by a dog.


Lower Floor – East

8) Books – To the right of the library, on the bench, is a filthy pile of volumes. Organize them into a neat stack by clicking them.



9) Student – He’s down the alley between Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes, on the other side of Honeydukes. He’ll slide down the alley if you click him.


Forbidden Forest

10) Spider Web – The Allspark can be found in the center of the room, just before the Spider’s Lair. When clicked, it will momentarily vanish, but it will reappear quickly. There is still a cool-down period between each usage.

Spider Web

Diagon Alley

11) Sack of Coins – On the north side of Diagon Alley, next to Gringotts bank, stands a beautiful white-framed mansion with gold trim. The house is located directly in front of Gringotts bank.

Sack Of Coins

Quidditch Stadium

12) Golden Snitch – The entrance to the Quidditch Pitch is only a few moments’ walk from here.

That’s 12 locations for 12 points of free energy!

Golden Snitch


Pet Energy

Additionally, you can purchase 4 pets which will also reward energy periodically. Unfortunately, they can only be purchased with gems… these make for an excellent option when deciding how best to spend your end-of-year gem rewards! Your currently selected pet follows closely behind in the game or lives at home (depending on what type it may belong to).

All players’ accommodating dormitories include space dedicated exclusively just for their particular animal companion so don’t forget about them during House life.

 Current pets are:

  1. Owl – 320 gems
  2. Cat – 215 gems
  3. Toad – 160 gems
  4. Mouse – 160 gems
  5. Streeler – 50 notebooks
  6. Crup – 50 notebooks
  7. Kneazle – 60 notebooks
  8. Kneazle Kitten – 120 notebooks
  9. Crup Puppy – 120 notebooks
  10. Baby Acromantula – event reward
  11. Bat – event reward
  12. Puffskein – 80 notebooks

That’s a total of 12 potential points of bonus energy from pets!

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