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How to get ethernet in my room: A Step By Step Guide?

How to get ethernet in my room

Ideally, your home network should have an Ethernet connection to the Internet. If you live in a large apartment complex or share your modem with someone else, however, you may want to connect devices on one floor of a building to the Internet while those on another floor use WiFi.

A simple solution is wireless bridge access, where two routers are placed next to each other and connected via wire. How does it work? You plug one router into your modem and then connect computers to this router as usual.

The second router is plugged into a power outlet near the first one and its Ethernet cable link connects it through the first router. Wireless bridges can be used for any wireless networking standard like b/g/n/ac; if both routers support the same standard, they can communicate at that speed. How do you find the correct frequency? You can either enter the name of your router and the phrase “wireless bridge” or check your manual.

Ethernet is a technology that has not been abandoned and still considered modern in the modern world. Despite this fact, we are often faced with how to get Ethernet into our rooms without wires because it does work through them but also provides more bandwidth than wireless technologies do.

How to get ethernet in my room? – Networking Your Home

Ethernet connection in the room
Ethernet connection in the room

Basic Hardwares:

  • Routers,
  • Switches
  • and Hubs



If you don’t simply want a router to connect your machines, consider that it is still the glue holding everything together. You probably already own one and if not, they’re inexpensive ($100 or less).

Even better for wiring purposes: there are four LAN ports in most wireless routers’ backs – essentially making them an excellent way of connecting devices on different floors (or even across town).



It is evident that there are more devices than you thought in my apartment. I have an AirPort Express, desktop computer, a TV and home theater PC; all of which need to be connected with the router.

Although it can support four connections at once but if we wish to connect multiple devices then one will require a switch for this purpose as well since routers usually do not provide enough ports for us.

You have more devices than you thought. You need a switch to connect multiple computers, game systems or DVRs with the router if there are currently four ports in use for one device each.

Boxes, also called switches, direct traffic between ports and are a useful addition to your home network. They cannot assign IP addresses for devices connected to the router but can essentially turn it into an eight-port switch which saves around $25 compared with buying another four port router.

The Ethernet cable should be plugged into one of the Uplink ports on your router and then plugged in again at the other end of this device.



A hub is a device that can communicate with multiple devices at once, but it does not route traffic. A switch sends information between servers or other machines and has only one lane of traffic – unlike routers which have several lanes for different flows of data.

Switches are more expensive than hubs since they perform much higher-level tasks; however, both switches and routers need to be purchased in order to set up an internet connection.

Methods of Getting Ethernet In Your Room:

We now have a router that is great and we have additional ports on our router for each device. It’s possible they’re on the ceiling or in a hallway, so to put it bluntly here’s how you attach them to your primary router (or “how to get Ethernet in my room”).

Add a Hard-Wired Ethernet Port to Any Room (Running Ethernet Cables):

If you want to run Ethernet throughout your house, it’ll be a lot of work and cost money. You have two options: either take the labor-intensive route or go through the loft where there’s more space for wires and they won’t get in anyone’s way as much. In hardware stores, many bulk amounts are inexpensive so that can save some costs too. But crimping is annoying – if you don’t feel like doing this yourself though most cables come with instructions on how to do it easily!

The easiest way to connect all devices together is here . As well as being labor intensive , connecting an entire home via Ethernet requires a lot of money . This means that ultimately , Ethernet will probably only run throughout part of your home.

When choosing the type of cable, you should consider your internet speed and how many devices are using it. Although Cat5 Cable is cheaper than others at 100 Mbps speeds, more modern Internet connections can reach 1 Gbps or even 10 Gbps (if you have a fast connection).

If this happens in the future where maybe multiple people will be watching high-definition photos on their device simultaneously then purchasing Cat6 might help avoid slowdowns. Plus one for keeping an eye out!

Ethernet Over Power Line Adapters:

There are many ways to connect your device, but not all of them deliver the same results. Power line adapters can transmit data through electrical wiring in an efficient way and provide up to 200Mbps for less lag than pure Ethernet connections.

You won’t be able play games at high speeds or stream HD audio perfectly, but you will get enough bandwidth when transferring large files quickly with ease. However, Wi-Fi is more unreliable than Bluetooth which means powerline internet isn’t as fast especially during times of low traffic congestion while there’s also a chance that it could cut out if something interrupts its flow such as dust collecting on the cord making connection slower.

Configure your ethernet in your system

If you have an Ethernet connection in the room, plug your cable into it first. Then check if that automatically brings up a network for you to connect with – this is very common! If not, continue on and configure one of those networks manually by following these steps:

  1. First open the control panel
  2. From control panel go to the network and internet option then network and sharing center then change adapter setting you will get there ethernet option then you can configure the internet.
  3. After getting into ethernet you will see the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) option under the Networking menu. then click on that option and click on properties
  4. there you will see Obtain an IP address is automatically selected then you have to fill the following IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway fields.
  5. You need to Type in the subnet mask and then type ‘ipconfig’ at the command prompt for the default gateway number.
  6. You need to fill up with on the Preferred DNS server and on the Alternate DNS server.
  7. Then click on the OK Button that’s it

The FAQs about Getting Ethernet

If you have any questions on how to get Ethernet in your room, we’re happy to help. Here are some of the most common queries and our responses:

How much does it cost to get an Ethernet connection?

If you have a budget of 150, then an Ethernet connection is not out of the question.

Is Ethernet better or WiFi better?

Ethernet is better as you will directly connect with your router where you will be able to get the fastest bandwidth.

Can WiFi and Ethernet be used together?

Yes, you can use wifi and ethernet together.

Which is the fastest Ethernet cable?

CAT 7 supports a maximum speed of 10000 Mbps. However, CAT 8 provides more speed, but it is not available in the market.

Why is my Ethernet slow?

This problem can occur if the cable or port is damaged, so check if everything is OK.

Conclusion paragraph:

I hope this blog post has helped you better understand what ethernet is and how it can be a boon for your internet connection.

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