The Mythical Sausage Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Networth, and More

Mythical Sausage Real Name

Specifications Details
Nick Name Mythicalsausage, Soosage, Soos
Real Name Unknown
Age 31(As of 2021)
Birthday 09 August 1990
Occupation YouTuber
Birthplace Cuba
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Net Worth Around $500k
Height 5’5 (Aprox)
Weight 55 Kgs (Approx)


In the world of Minecraft, there are many ways to get by. A popular way is via videos on Youtube with one such YouTuber being Mythicalsausage who has over three thousand followers and counting!

He uploads different types including tutorials for beginners as well as more advanced ones to keep things interesting while also giving viewers something new every time they watch his channel go live again.

But who is this sausage face behind the computer? What’s his real name and age? How much money does he make? Let’s take a closer look at one of YouTube’s most popular Minecraft personalities to find out!

MythicalSausage, otherwise known as Joel, is a 23-year-old British YouTuber who started his gaming career way back in 2006. Since then, he’s built up an impressive following thanks to his regular uploads and entertaining videos.

The majority of this comes from advertisements on his YouTube channel as well as merchandise sales. He’s also been known to do sponsored videos and live streams which can also add up.

The Mythical Sausage Age

Recently, his dog celebrated its birthday on August 9. Supposedly he is 31 years old and sources suggest that the man’s birthdate is August 9th but recently they have both had a cake with streamers falling from it in a celebration which seemed more fitting for someone who has lived so long!

Mythicalsausage’s Networth

His net worth is a whopping $518,000! This information comes from an unverified source but should still account for more than what we’ve heard.

His main source of income appears to come through YouTube’s views and advertisements with 1.05M subscribers on the platform as well however he also has sponsors who offer membership ranging anywhere between 1-$10 per month which adds up quickly if you’re supporting him regularly.

The Mythical Sausage Face Reveal

Mythicasausage Social Media Accounts

Instagram as @mythical_minecraft.

Youtube as : TheMythicalSausage

YouTube video

Mythical Sausage Face Reveal- FAQs

1. What is the Mythical Sausage Real Name?

His real name is a mystery.

2. What is the Mythicalsausage Age?

MythicalSausage has been around for 31 years as of 2021.

3. What is Mythicalsausage dog name?

He has two dogs, Bubbles and Baby.

4. Who is Mythicalsausage’s girlfriend?

It has been reported that he is dating SSSniperwolf, aka Alia Marie Shelesh an individual decorator and fellow streamer on YouTube.

5. What is Mythicalsausage’s Intro? 

“Hey you readys? I am MythicalSausage. Welcome back to my latest Minecraft video! How’s it going out there in internet land?”

6. How many followers does Mythicalsausage have on Instagram?

He has more than 50k followers on his Instagram account, which he uses to share sneak peeks at what’s going in the game and behind-the-scenes looks into how things are made.

7. How many subscribers does Mythicalsausage have on YouTube?

With around 1.05M subscribers on YouTube, he’s one of the most popular content creators in this niche.

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