Top 10+ Strongest Anime Characters 2022

There is a world of anime out there, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. Anime shows are truly one-of-a-kind. They capture our attention with their extraordinary tales that push the limits of reality. And if you’re anything like me, you find yourself falling in love with some characters over time because they resonate with you or prove themselves to be the best at what they do.

The following list of anime characters are not only skilled in gallantry, battle tactics, and otherworldly powers but also show incredible courage and perseverance through great adversity. They might all be unique in their own special way–but one thing’s for sure: these anime characters are some badasses that can take on anyone!

So sit back relax as we showcase top 12 strong anime characters that will leave you speechless after watching them in action!

list of Top Strongest Anime Characters

1. Saitama – One Punch Man

In One Punch Man, Saitama’s appearance was extremely popular. Saitama is one of the most distinctive protagonists and one of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time, known as the Caped Baldy.In the franchise, Saitama is the central character and greatest hero of his universe. He fights against opponents with a single punch, which earned him the moniker “One Punch Man.” It’s unclear how Sitama obtained his abilities or how strong he is. It appears that Saitama acquired his superpowers through a lot of physical activity. This puts him at the top of our list of The Best Anime Characters Ever Made.

2. Zeno – Dragon Ball Super

Zeno, one of the top ten strongest anime characters of all time, Zeno does not have any martial arts or skills but is powerful and controls space and time. Zeno is the god of reality in Dragon Ball Super, and he has the power to create and destroy all existence.Tormented by the death of his mother, he has done everything in his power to destroy various realms and play with universes as if they were marbles in an attempt to make sense of things. Despite being completely defenseless, his capacity to create and destroy planets at whim makes him, in terms of overall strength, the most difficult adversary to face and defeat. These remarkable talents vault him past Naruto in this list of Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters Ever Created.

3.Saiki Kusuo – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Following Suiki Kusuo, the next in our list of the Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time is Yakou Shounen. He has a variety of supernatural talents, such as telepathy, flight, astral projection, tiny/power/size manipulation, Enlargement and superhuman strength. But rather than flaunt his abilities, he prefers to hide away and enjoy daily life.However, his kind disposition and the social difficulties he encountered on his route to adulthood that make him so likeable and relatable. With his wide range of talents and Unpredictable personality, Saiki Kusuo ranks third on our list of top ten toughest anime characters of all time.

4.Meruem – Hunter x Hunter

Next on the list of Top 10 powerful anime characters is Meruem, from Hunter x Hunter. Meruem was the most formidable Chimera Ant offspring of the Queen of the Chimera Ants. He was called “the king” of the Chimera Ants and is one of its major antagonists in the Chimera Ant Arc. He is also semi-humanoid. He was well-trained and muscular as well. He also possessed a strong tail stinger for use as a weapon. He has high intellect, which is beyond the Human capacity, in addition to his great physical strength and biological weapon. By consuming Nen users, he increases his power level. Meruem is ranked 5th on the list of Top 10 strongest anime characters of all time, tying with Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

5.Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach

Next on the list of Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time is Ichigo Kurosaki from the Bleach series. Ichigo Kurosaki is known as a orange-haired god of death with a huge arsenal of abilities. These skills aid him in defeating the Mightiest foes imaginable. His power and swordsmanship enables him to destroy all-powerful gods and deities with ease.He can absorb any group of foes’ new skills. His acute intellect and devastating energy slashes make him the most difficult adversary. Ichigo Kurosaki is ranked #6 on the list of Top 10 strongest anime characters ever created.

6.Korosensei – Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom’s Korosensei is the second entry on our list of Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time. Korosensei is a yellow man with tentacle arms who teaches in Kunugigaoka Junior High School class 3-E in Assassination Classroom.He proved his tremendous strength by causing the moon to be destroyed 70 percent of the way through. He can also stop bullets, travel at a speed of 15345.4 mph, and create a hole in the moon. If he so desires, he has the power to destroy his foes.

7.Zeref Dragneel – Fairy Tail

Zeref Dragneel, from the Fairy Tail series, comes in at number 10 on our list of the Top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Zeref is regarded as the most powerful and evil magician ever in Fairy Tail. He employs strong and hazardous magic techniques. Emperor Spriggan is Zeref’s name, and he rules over the Kingdom of Alvarez as a monarch. His brother Natsu and father August are his sons. In a young age, he was already able to master dark magic, creating new demons.

Zeref, the most powerful wizard in all of Fairy Tail , is revealed to have possessed a level of dark magic far beyond that of even Igneel. When he was younger, this amount worried him immensely, but ever since becoming older and gaining control over his power while maintaining an icy heart, he has risen to the 8th position on our list of top 10 strongest anime characters ever.

8.Tatsumi  ( Akame ga Kill )

Tatsumi is a fighter who was raised by his grandmother along with his younger sister, who was killed by one of the Capital’s guards. His reason for joining Night Raid is to take revenge on those involved in her death and kill those who oppress the weak (and sometimes justice does need a bit of excessive force too). Tatsumi grew as a character as he literally went from greenhorn to toughened fighter. With every battle, we see him grow stronger and even more determined to fight for what he believes in!

  9.Guts ( Berserk )

Guts is an iconic anime character created by Kentaro Miura, and has been featured in three anime adaptations so far. Born from a corpse ravaged with disease, Guts’ life has been a living nightmare since he was a child. He has lived his childhood as an outcast with the exception of a priest named Godo and young Erica, who prayed for him to have a better life.

Guts was later found by Gambino, a skilled mercenary, where he made it his responsibility to train Guts in fighting so that he can one day become as strong as them. However, when Guts became older both Gambino and Godo were killed off by trolls forcing him to go into exile once more. With every fight that passes through his hands–we see how much determination Guts has, becoming stronger with each battle to overcome even the impossible odds!

10.Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

Edward Elric, or also known as the Full Metal Alchemist is the youngest State Alchemist (a military officer who specializes in alchemy) alive to date. He has gained notoriety for his short stature and unique abilities–but these are far outweighed by his quick temper and lack of common sense.

Born from Trisha Elric, Edward lost his little brother Alphonse in a tragic accident that claimed their mother’s life as well. At the root of all this was an attempt at resurrecting their mother back to life using human transmutation–which ultimately failed.

Due to this act, both Edward and Al were caught up in the wrath of the military forcing them to flee from their hometown. Since then, Ed has been searching for a way to restore his brother’s rightful body after the horrific consequences he brought upon himself.

11.Gintoki Sakata ( Gintama )

Gintoki Sakata is a samurai living in an alternate timeline where aliens have invaded and taken over feudal Tokyo. He lost his childhood friend Takasugi Shinsuke during a fight against the Amanto (aliens) resulting to him developing post-traumatic stress disorder as well as becoming a slacker that does almost anything except taking up responsibility.

Underneath that lazy exterior however–is one of the most feared fighters around known as the Shiroyasha or White Demon! Gintoki has trained his skills under previous mentors like Takasugi Shinsuke and Sakamoto Tatsuma–making him just as deadly with the sword as he is with a katana!

Even though Gintoki can be lazy, selfish–he’s also kind-hearted that will do anything to help those who need help.

12.Son Goku ( Dragon Ball series )

Son Goku

We’ve all seen this young man before but not in the context of being one of the strongest anime characters out there. Son Goku was born on Earth during prehistoric times where he lived along with other primates until he was sent into an experimental cryogenic sleep by an alien scientist after seeing his extreme strength.

He would continue to be experimented on until he finally developed a Saiyan’s appearance and was sent to Earth only to destroy it. Luckily, an accident caused him to lose his memory before dropping from the sky not knowing what happened.

Earthlings were baffled by his strength as no one else has ever come close–creating a myth that Goku is the strongest man in the world! In reality however, this young man is still just trying to find out who he really is and why he was sent here. While he may be naive and childlike at times — we can’t deny that his heroic spirit and will-power far outweighs any character we’ve seen so far!

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Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters 2021 – FAQs

1.Who is Saitama?

In One Punch Man, Saitama is the protagonist and greatest superhero in his world.

2. Who is Saiki Kusuo?

Kusuo Saiki is a character in the anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and he has several supernatural abilities, including telepathy, flight, astral projection, shrinking Power/size, Enlargement, superhuman strength and telekinesis.

3.Who is In Zeno? 

Zeno is the supreme ruler of reality, and in Dragon Ball Super he can bring and remove all existence.

That’s it for our Top Strongest Anime Characters! Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our other articles as well!

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