What Do Porlocks Eat In Hogwarts Mystery?


Creature Name: Porlock

Ministry of Magic Classification: XX

Ministry of Magic Category: Beast

About Porlock:

They are found in dorset,England in southern Ireland .When they are fully grown they are about two feet high.They walk on two cloven hoofed feet and they eat grass.They have small arms and four fingers and they live to guard horses.

They are mostly found with herd.The newborn porlocks stay with their parents for only two months then they go off and make their own group and once they turn two they need to find horse to care otherwise they think that their life has no any purpose so they will become ill,sad and die.

What Do Porlocks Eat?

Do You Know What Porlocks Eat?

This question is from Madam Pomfrey : She ask do you know what porlocks eat ? Then the correct Answer is grass after answering this question you will get 100 gold which you can use for spells or upgrade yourself.

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