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What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

Based in Canada, Michael Grzesiek is a well-known streamer and gamer. He previously played for a living as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and goes by his online handle Shroud. His YouTube channel has over 6.4 million subscribers, while his Twitch Channel has around 7.8 million followers.

In 2020, Shroud will be using the Herman Miller Embody chair in partnership with Logitech, after previously utilizing the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Since Logitech and Herman Miller announced their strategic relationship last week, it’s only natural that they provide Shroud with the improved Logitech version of the Herman Miller Embody.

Shroud is a skilled player who has excelled in first-person shooter and battle royale titles such as Counter-Strike, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, and Valorant. Being a professional gamer, Shroud spends a lot of time sitting in his gaming chair. You’ve come to the perfect place;

The Herman Miller Aeron – Shroud’s Chair

Shroud’s Chair

1. Dimensions 18.5″ X 28.25″ X 43″ (L X W X H)
2. Chair Weight 39 pounds
3. Weight Capacity 350 Pounds
4. Chair Material Recycled Material
5. Reclining Angles Upright, Mid-recline, and Full Recline
6. Armrests Adjustable; Can slide backward and forward

The Logitech Herman Miller Embody was created by Jeff Weber and has a health-promoting objective. Perhaps Shroud’s goal with the chair is to encourage his followers to maintain excellent posture and health, but one thing is for certain – few gaming chairs online have a chance on equal grounds.

Many would refuse the style because it appears too businesslike, but others would appreciate the simplicity and truth that the Embody may also be used as a gaming and working chair. You can see beneath all of that minimalism a chair that genuinely follows human spine, spinal motion, and upper and lower back support requirements in specific regions.

There are many elements that may be covered in this assessment. The Embody has a variety of ranges and is well-planned for any adolescent or adult, with numerous aspects to consider. The layered seat allows the body to mold to any little curve or bump while also providing for reclining functionality, which is a major benefit.

  • Ergonomic.
  • Tilt Forward Feature.
  • Durable
  • Comes completely assembled.
  • Wheels Roll Smoothly.
  • immovable Armrest
  • Back height unadjustable.

Is Shroud’s Herman Miller Embody Worth The Investment?

The Embody is one of the most attractive gaming chairs available, but it does not follow the popular gaming chair racing-inspired style. It’s also overpriced for most people, as you can get two or three high-end gaming chairs for the same amount of money.

For someone making $80,000 per month, this isn’t anything. For most people, it’s a price that’s tough to justify even if they’re searching for the best of the best.

shroud's gaming chair



  • Color Variety

Depending on the color, the Aeron may seem to be a completely different chair. The Mineral hue is lighter and more vibrant than other colors in the collection. If you prefer darker hues, Graphite is a true black that will go great with your decor.

  • Multiple Sizes

The Aeron has three sizes for people of various body types. This makes the Aeron accessible to a wider audience, as any good chair should.

  • Cross-Performance Design

The cross-performance capabilities that Herman Miller adds to this chair allow you to adjust your posture as needed throughout the day. The Aeron is also flexible for a variety of activities, including gaming, working, and nearly everything in between that requires sitting.

  • Easy Shifting and Adjustments

The Aeron’s original manufacturer, Herman Miller, only shifted the frame angle forward by 1.8 degrees later on. It can also convert upright rapidly and quietly. The company has since adjusted the frame angle forward by 1.8 degrees to create a variety of postures while sitting upright.The skeletal system is cradled by the 8Z Pellicle and PostureFit SL when you’re sitting, shifting the chair, or relaxing.

  • Less Sweat Buildup

It has an ergonomic design that is more ergonomic than mesh-backed gloves because it combines exceptional hand comfort with superior moisture and heat management. It’s better than mesh in that it’s the only material on the market that has made the Aeron a success.

  • More Latitudinal Zones 

Another advantage of the 8Z Pellicle is that it offers eight latitudinal zones! You can immediately notice a difference in comfort when you sit down with eight latitudinal zones. Each latitudinal zone has its own tension, which makes sitting in an Aeron a pleasure.

How Much Does Shroud’s Chair Cost?

The big money comes in from Shroud, a huge gamer. You’re sure he can spend however much he likes on his gaming chair, but what is the price of the Aeron?

The chair is $995 before shipping, according to Herman Miller’s price list. Even if you choose the tiniest chair, a Size A, the cost remains unchanged.

However, this is just the starting cost. Customizing the components will raise your costs. Here’s what you need to know about it.

  • Casters

The Aeron comes with two 2.5-inch carpet casters as standard. There is no extra cost if you keep to them. However, if you want Hard Floor or Carpet Roll-Away Resistance casters, you’ll have to spend an additional $50. These feature Quiet Roll Technology, which makes the wheels barely audible.

  • Arm Pads

Fabric arm pads are included at no extra charge, however leather ones cost $100 additional.

  • Arms

If you don’t want to adjust your armrests on your gaming chair, you may choose stationary arms. It will set you back $205 if you want arms that can be adjusted in all ways. If only higher or lower raising is required, it’s $74 extra.

  • Tilt

The Aeron chair’s price will not be affected by the tilt angle and tilt limiter, which are both optional functions. They cost $100 each.

  • Back Support

You can’t live without plush back support, so you’ll have to spend more. You only get fundamental back support for free. For $95, you may choose the Adjustable PostureFit SL. An extra $75 will buy you adjustable lumbar support.

  • Style

While the chair’s size has little bearing on its price, the style may. The Graphite base with a Graphite frame costs $995, but the polished aluminum base with mineral frame costs $1,265. The satin aluminum base with a graphite frame is only $1,215. The polished aluminum base with a graphite frame costs $1145.

Are there any cheaper Alternatives to Shroud’s Chair?

If you’re searching for a replacement for the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, don’t worry. In the market, there are several chairs that resemble Shroud’s chair.The best gaming chair for console gamers, the Infomotion IG-88 Gaming Chair is a comfortable option that may help you reduce pain.

They have features similar to the ergonomic design of the Shroud gaming chair and are built to support your back while playing for long periods of time. Brands like Killabee and Elecwish are viable alternatives to Shroud’s Chair.

1. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, like the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, has been created to match the natural curvature of a person’s body while sitting. It’s made of a breathable mesh material comparable to that used in the Aeron chair. The rolling wheel of this chair glides softly and gently.

It has a 45° adjustable armrest, so you can expand your workstation. It also includes an adjustable headrest, like the Aeron Chair, which provides excellent neck support. The back is curved to fit the body and put users in the proper sitting position. Like the Aeron Chair, it helps to support the lower back.

2. Homall High Back Gaming Chair

Homall High Back Gaming Chair

The Homall High Back Gaming Chair, like the Shroud Chair, is made of high-density foam for enhanced comfort. It also has rubber casters wheels that move softly on the floor, much like the Aeron Chair. It’s constructed of a robust metal frame and includes a recline feature similar to that of Herman Miller’s Chair.

The Homall High Back Gaming Chairs include excellent lumbar support, just like Shroud’s chair. It has a pleasant armrest and is properly molded to aid the spinal cord while gaming for lengthy periods of time.

3. Furmax High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

Furmax High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Furmax High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair, like the Aeron Chair, is built with a high-density thick sponge for a pleasant gaming experience. The Furmax High-Back Racing Style gaming chair is constructed with a tubular steel frame for enhanced durability, similar to the Shroud chair.

The Ergonomic Gaming Chair from KORG provides comfort and support. It also has a freely adjustable lumbar support to keep your back in the best posture possible. It features a backward tilt of 90 to 180 degrees. The Furmax Gaming Chair, like the Aeron Chair, has smooth-rolling caster wheels as well.

Other Alternatives Gaming Chairs to consider:


Where can I buy Shroud’s headphones?

According to other internet sources, Shroud is now using HyperX Cloud Flight headphones.

They’re fairly basic in form (just like his chair), and they may be purchased on Amazon for roughly $120.

Are Herman Miller chairs worth the money?

As I said in the article, Herman Miller chairs have excellent ergonomic design.

Whether or not they are a good investment for you depends on how you intend to utilize your chair and how much.

If you want a less expensive, yet still high-quality chair, there are several Herman Miller models available that will set you back significantly less than the Aeron.

What are the best ergonomic chair brands?

If the Herman Miller Aeron is not what you want, you may look at a variety of high-end ergonomic chair manufacturers.

What are best Pink gaming chairs in 2021?

You can checkout best pink gaming chairs for girls which can be hollman gaming chair.

Final Words

The Aeron Chair from ‘Shroud’ is loaded with fantastic features that not only support your back but also give you the required comfort when gaming for lengthy periods. It includes a PostureFit SL Mechanism, which supports your lumbar and neck. Its tilt mechanism works well, unlike other gaming chairs, because you may likewise lean forward.

So, what furniture does shroud implement? I’m sure you’re aware of this now. Herman Miller is a very costly piece of equipment, and no one would spend that much money on a luxury setup.

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