When Do Naruto & Hinata Start Dating?

The show Naruto Shippuden is one of the most popular anime in Japan and worldwide. If you’ve heard about it, then there’s a good chance that at least some part of this incredible story has captured your imagination. so, you may be wondering when naruto and Hinata start dating then read out this whole article you will find answers.

Naruto and Hinata are two of the most unlikely couples in history. Their differences may have kept them apart for years, but instead, they found love with each other over a bowl-fulls worth!

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

The answer to when Naruto and Hinata start dating is a little complicated. While they may have had feelings for each other since they were children, their relationship didn’t begin until later on in the series.

It wasn’t until the Chuunin Exams that Hinata finally confessed her love to Naruto. However, he was so focused on his dreams of becoming Hokage that he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. It wasn’t until after the pain of the Fourth Great Shinobi War that Naruto was finally able to return Hinata’s affections.

While their relationship may have had a rocky start, there’s no denying the love between Naruto and Hinata. They’ve gone through so much together and have remained by each other’s side no matter what. They’re truly one of the most inspiring couples in all of anime!

 Last: Naruto The Movie

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

From around episode 499 to 500, Naruto and Hinata meet up somewhere in between. We see all of their friends afterward getting happy endings with fresh cuts for everyone!

The movie “Naruto the last” which is set between episodes 499 and 500 shows how Naruto realized his feelings for Hinata. He finally kissed her at end of it all, meaning that they are officially together now!

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When Do Naruto &Amp; Hinata Start Dating?

Hinata has always felt a deep loyalty to Naruto. She was prepared for him in battle, and they’ve even gone through some things together! But when it came time fight Pain who is one of the strongest shinobi alive Hinata was prepared to take on Naruto in order defeat Pain.

She never lost sight of him, regardless of what was said about him or what happened to him. It’s the same with Naruto. When he couldn’t show his love for her, she was protected by him and he got upset when Neji did not treat her with respect. They have been supportive of one another. Even during their silence, they shared many emotions with each other.

The love between these two people is ordinary, but it makes sense. The Boruto storyline shows how they raise families and create this cozy home where their children can grow up happy together with parents who care for each other deeply in return.

With two children now, Boruto and Himawari (NARUHINA may not be the perfect story), many love this vessel.

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In what episode does Naruto date Hinata?

In episode episodes 499 and 500 as well as In the movie Naruto the last. 

What episode does Naruto fall in love with Hinata?

The way that Naruto holds Hinata’s hand in chapter 615 is significant. It only means one thing, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this could be about!

When was Naruto and Hinata’s first date?

The movie “Naruto the last” which is set between episodes 499 and 500 shows how Hinata’s rescue changed Naruto forever. At first, he thinks she has been captured by an enemy ninja but it turns out that they were planning on taking her away all along; this makes him realize his feelings for her deep down inside and finally kiss those lips!

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