Where is R3 on PS5 Controller? (And what is it used for?)

The DualSense controller is one of the main attractions of Sony’s new console because it gives you a premium and modern gaming experience in your hands. Using the Touchpad, you can switch between items seamlessly since it recognizes your thumb and index finger instantly.

Since there are so many buttons on the new PS5 DualSense controller, there needs to be a simple guide that shows where each one is.
The following guide can help you familiarize yourself with some available buttons so you don’t get lost!

The PS5 controller for the PS5 has 4 buttons and 2 sticks. The R3 button is on the right, and you can press it to the left or right to aim in PS5. Also, the R3 button is to hold crouch in PS5.

The R3 button is the red button. The PS5 controller has another button on the left, the R3 button, and a black button but is this enough information? Nah, there is other info, so let’s explore them :

Where is R3 on PS5 Controller?

Where Are L3 And R3 Buttons In Ps5
Location Of R3 And L3 Buttons In Ps5


R3 Functionality is a button on the controller’s bottom right corner. Just push the control stick in to use it as if it were a button.

The R3 function is used for sliding and climbing, while the L3 function is used for moving and scaling walls. So, for example, if you want to scale a wall, you can press L3 to move left, slide, climb, or jump.

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What is R3 often used For?

For example, some games use R3 to change your perspective from third-person to first-person and vice versa, while many functions related to R3 have to do with camera control. For example, games often use the right analog stick to control the camera. So, these functions, like R3 and R2, have a lot to say about which buttons you may be used to using.

Other ways to lock onto targets and untarget them include using the R3 button or moving the camera around manually. However, the R3 button is a big time saver because it allows you to lock onto targets and target them without turning the camera around.

When were R3 and L3 first implemented?

DualShock for the PS1 was Sony’s third attempt at analog controls on the PS1 and was the first to implement R3 and L3.

The initial PlayStation did not have L3 and R3 buttons, but Sony did include R3 and L3 buttons on the controller for the PlayStation for the Dual Shock 1, along with Joysticks.

What is the Function of Each Button on the DualSense?

Similar to the Dualshock 4 controller, the buttons work similarly.

Directional Pad on the left- The act of moving, selecting, and choosing.

Iconic 4-PlayStation buttons on the right. Dual analog control sticks. They act as buttons for R3 and L3.

Shoulder Buttons-  The DualSense has four buttons at the top: L1, L2, R1, and R2. L1 and R1 are digital buttons, while L2 and R2 have DualSense’s most distinctive feature, the Adaptive Triggers.

PlayStation Button– As the new home button, it opens the Control Center for quick navigation. Holding down the button will take you to the Home Screen Menu and let you access other apps, games, and settings.

Touchpad– This is one of the PS4 features that has been retained. The touchpad is also clickable on both sides.
Create button–Located on the left of the touchpad, this button serves as the PS4’s Share button, allowing users to share media, and screenshots, capture videos, and access the Media Gallery quickly.

Options button– Three horizontal lines are located on the right side of the touchpad. Another PS4 button for pausing and entering game menus. This button will give you more options whenever you are navigating the System UI.

Mute button– Located under the PlayStation, this button acts as a mute button for DualSense’s built-in microphone.

Can you disable R3?

While the R3 has a function called “Shake,” it can be somewhat inconvenient or disruptive. So, we recommend disabling this function or remapping it to another input.

To remap R3, you can either use the controller remapping function on the PS5 console or the PS5’s Settings menu.

Click on Accessibility and then select Controls.

Next, select Custom Button Assignment, and you will see various options to customize the button layout for your controller.

There is an option to Switch Left and Right Analog Sticks, which is useful if you prefer to use your right stick to control your character and your left stick to control the camera.

There are better ways to swap the R3 Functionality than this button swap method. However, it can be useful to swap Functionality between certain games.

For example, if you played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and swapped the R3 Functionality to L2, you would be able to aim down sights with L2 while shooting with R3, which can be helpful for certain types of scenarios!

Why isn’t my R3 working properly?

There are a few potential causes for why your R3 button may not work properly. The most common cause would be a hardware issue, such as a faulty button or connection. You can check the controller’s connection by plugging it into the PS5 and testing each button to ensure that it is properly connected. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the controller.

Another potential cause could be a software issue. The PS5 operating system may not recognize the button correctly, or there may be an issue with the game settings. You can reset the controller or game settings to see if that resolves the issue.

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