Zeraora counter Pokemon Unite[Best Counters for Zeraora]

Here in this post you will learn about zeraora counter pokemons so that you can use against this pokemon and try upgrading your team’s full ability so without delay lets check it out.

Pokemon counter Zeraora

The top Zeraora counter is Blastoise, followed by Snorlax, Slowbro, Crustle, and Machamp.











Blastoise: While Zeraora is able to provide some offense, it will never be enough for taking down Blastoise. Further, the less HP he has left in battle means more susceptible that his slow and steady approach becomes when fighting against this powerful opponent who also knows hydro pump which can easily prevent him from getting close at all during fights.

Snorlax: The boss is tough and you need to take care of your health because if not, this heavy slam will stop everything in its tracks. Keep an eye out for when he pounds the ground with his dozer blade; that’s where I always position myself so as not to get hit by any other attacks while focusing on him alone!

Slowbro: Slowbro is a psychic Pokémon that can basically shut you down with its moves like Telekinesis and Surf. If caught by Slowbros, players have to hope their allies will come in for the save until they’re able to get out of danger themselves – which isn’t easy when facing off against this powerful enemy!

Crustle: Crustle is a tough opponent, but if you wait until he uses Shell Smash then your chances of winning against him improve significantly. His defenses are lower at this point in time so try bursting right when that happens or else just avoid fighting with Crusted-up Pokémon like Slowbro and Snorlax since they don’t have heavy disrupting tools to offer either!

Machamp: Machamp’s combination of power and mobility makes him a tough opponent to face. With his Submission move, he can outpace all your moves with ease while also having stronger dueling skills that will leave you unable 2 fight back.

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Tip counter Zeraora

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If you’re looking to start something, Zeraora is your go-to Pokémon. It’ll be tough competition with all of those attacks coming at once but if there’s one thing this team has in spades it’s power!

Unfortunately for us though.their high endurance can really slow down our momentum sometimes so we need an answer or two on hand beforehand—and luckily enough these guys have got just that covered thanks their rocklike bodies which protect them from most ordinary movesets (although firepower still works).

Understand about Zeraora


  • The most popular Pokémon are those that combine elements of Dash and Attack.
  • Depending on the adversary team, there are two playstyles.


  • It has to scale to mid-game in order to shine.
  • When its momentum is stopped, it’s easy to pick off.


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